Lost but found.

Dear love, I’m sorry i couldn’t understand you. I’m sorry i let expectations kill you. I’m sorry i couldn’t keep you well. I recently read ‘Love never hurts, expectations does’. That’s what has happened to us. May be we met at the wrong time in wrong frame. If i had known myself better..i would’ve saved… Read More Lost but found.


What do i write about? Should i write about how the temptation to write corners me and leaves? Or about endless patchy dreams? Or about the french songs and how i suck at pronouncing the words? Or about my dead aunt who talks in my head? Or about the Rosehead? Or about the hate for… Read More Write.


Smell of the new books is enchanting. One of my favourite fragrance in the world. Therefore, the bookstores is the must place to go, in every new city. Period. They say arrangement and the collection of books says a lot about the place and its people. Well must be true about the place. Organised and… Read More Crushed.