Latest Obsession.

I have decided, am not going to write depressive thoughts anymore here. Its over rated anyway. Though depression sells but thanks. I know I am just another who’s suffering from withdrawal symptom just like you. Most of the time my urge to vent out stops in 140 characters in my tweets but sometimes am a sucker. Normal right? Yea it is i know. But then to beat my crazy cranky mood, stupid memories flash back and circus of people around me and ofcourse unwanted booty calls, i found something. So now after the long day of french and work, i treat myself with the episodes of this awesome american show. This is so much better than people around me. (No offense, whatsoever) Anyway, I am sure am late to write about this, 2 years late.But well, better late than never. I wish i was told about this earlier. So to get my mind off the shitty-ness of my life i started watching shitty-ness of other’s lives. SHAMELESS. Amazingly crazy show. American’s are something man! Whatta show.. Its so brilliantly done. I don’t remember a single moment when i am bored watching this. William H. Macy is just amazing. Never saw a crazy character like him. I am in love with the show. It makes you feel so less shitty 😀 And trust me, every complicated strand of life, they’ve showed it very nicely. The life with dark secrets is well portrayed. I am sure things you haven’t talked to anybody is shown right to you in it.   shameless_wallpaper_HD Fiona, Lip, Ian, Carl, Debbie, Liam- 6 kids and one crazy father. They have taken ‘Daddy issues’ to another level. I have always heard fucked up stories of friend’s friend like this, i always wondered what would be there life like and this shows exactly shows how would be that like- being broke, in love, peer pressure, responsibility, family bond, struggle and the attitude of ‘Move on, its OK, Suck it up, NEXT SHIT!’ all at the same time. It has became my latest obsession i guess. Of all the movies/series i have been watching, this has became my favorite. If you still haven’t watched it then man, please watch. I highly recommend it. And if you’re in shit, then its a must watch series. It is awesome for your escape. Very entertaining. You’ll stop sulking over whatever your problem is. Give it a try. ‘I know life has happened to you and that’s why you have been so SERIOUS, but hey, take a break. Life has happened everywhere.’ 😀


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